A good logo highlights the message and purpose of a brand or company. A logo should be simple, clear, distinctive, practical, relevant, adaptable and graphical and convey the targeted message without causing any ambiguity.
A logo is a visual masterpiece that embodies the brand identity.
Here are the tips that will help you to design a good logo:

apple logo

Keep it simple: 

The simpler the better. Simplicity helps to design a logo that is easier to recognise and understand.  With the simple approach, you can make your logo more versatile and unique.
By keeping it simple, you can design a memorable logo with timeless and mesmerising qualities.
When it comes to logo design, don’t try too hard, as it could denigrate the brand identity.
Having an overly crowded logo could cause distraction, which eventually leads to audience failing to understand what your brand is about.

With the logo design, you have to make sure:

  • It represents your brand identity 
  • It provides a reasonable match with your company name, product and service you provide
  • It sends the intended brand message with utmost clarity
  • It should not send any wrong signals or misleading message 

 Make it recognisable:

A good logo is easy to recognise and identify. Make sure that whatever logo mark you design, it should be easy to remember.

Make it relevant:

A logo should be relevant to the time it lives in, otherwise, it will lose it significance. It should remain up to date with the current time.
Dig deep and invest your considerable time to create a logo that is relevant to the industry, and the audience you are targeting.
Be relevant but make it sure that the design you create is unique and differentiates your brand from its competitors.

When it comes to relevancy, keep these things in minds:

  • Be relevant with the current time 
  • Avoid anything that is outdated
  • Create a design that is relevant to your industry and audience

Timelessness is Key: 

A great logo should be timeless. So invest your time to create a logo that could be effective for decades and even generations to come.
Take a Coca-Cola logo for instance. It is the perfect illustration of a timeless logo, and it barely changed, since its launch in 1885.
When you put extra effort into detailing, it will enable you to create a logo with hand-drawn details. It will not only allow you to stand out from the rest, but it will become extremely difficult for other companies to replicate your design.

Be Versatile: 

An effective logo should be compatible to work across different mediums and applications.  Your logo should be easily adjustable to various sizes, so it can be comfortably used for different formats and on a variety of social media platforms.
You should design your logo in vector format, as it is easy to scalable and editable. The logo should work perfectly in both horizontal and vertical formats. 

Here is the checklist to make it sure that your logo is fully-functional:

  • Printed in one colour
  • Printed on a postage stamp
  • Printed on a Billboard
  • Printed in reverse

Make it memorable: 

An effective logo has to be memorable.  Make your logo memorable, so that people can remember it, after just one quick glance. To achieve this, keep your logo simple and appropriate.

When it comes to a logo, you may only have a split second to make an impression. So make it count.