In today’s cutting-edge competitive world it is tough to make your brand stand out. If you want to capture the heart and imagination of your audience, you need to create winning visual brand identities.

When it comes to visual brand identity, you need to be creative and consistent.  Here are some tips that will help you to create winning visual brand identities.

No1 Know your audience: 

Conduct thorough market research to identify your audience. It is a very basic yet very essential step to create a successful visual brand identity.

Be specific while targeting your audience and keep these factors in mind:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Education Level

No2 Determine and prioritize your brand goals: 

After identifying your target audience, the next big step towards creating an immaculate visual brand identity is to determine your brand goals. Your goals will help you to establish a credible and relatable link with your audience.

Having clear and consistent goals is a prerequisite for achieving your target.

No3 It is more than just a logo:

A Logo is a heart and soul of any brand, but brand identity goes beyond just a logo.  A logo and tagline give people something to remember about your brand. But your objective is to capture the imagination of people. Try to create an emotional and more personal experience so people can relate to your product or service.

No4 Be a leader, not a follower:

If you are trying to emulate one of your successful competitors, then you are not doing anything different.  It may give you a short-term success, but it will not work for a long haul. Your brand should be the torchbearer of new and visionary ideas. A forward-thinking vision that makes people feel excited about your brand.

No5 Think outside the box:

Go beyond the usual to give your brand a unique visual identity. Take your time to generate ideas and transform them into a visual masterpiece that oozes creativity. A unique brand identity that is larger than a life and leaves a long-lasting impact. Take risks, because normal is boring.

No6 Keep it simple and consistent:

Keep it simple and be consistent when it comes to establishing a visual identity.  The colors, fonts, images, and texts that you used in your logo should be properly synced to deliver a consistent and effective brand message.

No7 Timing is everything:

Seize every moment that could be a stepping stone for your brand e.g. an occasion, season, feature, etc.

No8 Reliability matters:

Be reliable to your audience and promote authenticity, novelty, and transparency with your brand message.  People will eventually respect you for your sincerity in delivering the product or service. Misleading claims may have some short-term gains but could have adverse effects and jeopardize your brand.

No9 Master the art of Storytelling:

The best way to get your brand recognized is to craft a compelling story that people can relate to.  Add emotional and sentimental value to your story that makes people fall in love with your brand.

Use social media

No10 Get the most out of Social Media:

Utilize the social media to reach out to your followers and customers. Social media is a proven and effective tool to create prominent visual brand identities. As social media enables two-way communication, it enables the brands to interact with their audience in a much more meaningful way.