How to use emotions in branding to win customer’s hearts

Emotional marketing:

Business is changing, so are the customers. As a result, their preferences and shopping habits are also changing.  Studies show that 80% of purchasing decisions are driven by emotions rather than logic. Involving emotions allow a brand to connect with its potential audience in a personal way.  Emotional marketing has considerably significant outreach.  

Use of social media:

The emergence of digital media has provided brands with the tools to develop a more personal relationship with their consumers.  A variety of social media platforms has enabled brands to convey their identity and vision in more effective ways.

Gain emotional loyalty:

Your brand message needs to be very authentic and honest to make the emotional strategy work.  With a consistent and well-coordinated brand message, a brand can create and build emotional loyalty. And the success of your brand relies heavily on your ability to maintain a relationship with your customers even after the purchase.

Happy face and unhappy face

5 approaches to emotional marketing to turn a potential audience into brand fans

Inspirational runner

No1 What inspires your target customers?

To execute an effective brand strategy you need to figure out:

  • What motivates your target customers?
  • What makes them feel inspired?

As a part of brand strategy, you need to find out ‘what inspires your target customers?’ As a marketer, it is your job to indulge them with something inspirational.  You need to trigger a sense of pride that highlights an unexpected feat or outstanding achievement.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan
With the right human interest story or role model that embodies the spirit of the brand makes the inspirational approach work. When it comes to the inspirational approach, sporting brands master this art.

Leading sports brands like Nike and Adidas use athletes like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and Michael Jordan to inspire the masses. Idols, who have larger than life persona that rule the hearts and minds of people.

Day dreamer

No2 What aspires your audience?

Aspirational campaigns help to create a brand presence that makes the audience realise their dreams, their desire to reach a certain goal or enjoy a specific lifestyle.

With the aspirational approach, you have to signify how your brand reflects people’s self-image and identity and can help them to fulfill their dreams and desires.  You need to craft a story that makes people dream and aspire them to strive hard to achieve their dreams.

Tesla Campaign
Tesla’s campaign is a very good example of aspirational marketing “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Love sign

No3 Spread the Love: 

A marketing strategy based on love and personal emotions can trigger all sort of feelings among the audience.

The best way to position your brand as the people’s brand, by showing that it brings joy in the life and make the life worth living.  With this approach, you can demonstrate that your brand can make every occasion special and memorable.  And how your brand can fill the life of people with joy and happiness


The Local angle:

A brand can earn loyal fans by making people feel proud of the place where they live. Brands evolve their brand identity according to locality to attract their target customers.

Some of the most prominent businesses capture their local markets through campaigns that feature local pride and passion, local attraction, hometown sports teams or some historic achievements, or by supporting any local cause.

Community spirit
For that, you have to give the message that you are working for the welfare of the community. Location-based marketing is very effective for small businesses and franchises and with the small budget.   

Regardless of the marketing strategy you choose, you need authenticity to support your emotional marketing campaign. Be honest with your target customers and show that you care about them. It will help you establish a special relationship, which will ultimately transform your target customers into friends.