In the current digital landscape, branding is more important than ever. Thanks to the strong presence of social media, brand identity has taken center stage. A strong brand identity can contribute to many things, which include, increasing the value of your company and it enables you to win a loyal customer base.

 People’s perception of your brand is everything. Utilize all the available resources to develop a feel-good factor about your brand.  This in turn, sparks favorable responses towards your brand. Every small detail matters.  Every single post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram influence peoples’ perception of your brand, so you need to be super-careful

What does your brand stand for? How can you win the trust of people? Here are the 5 essential questions that will help you define your brand identity.    

What is your company story?

Your company needs a story, an exciting and unique one.  Storytelling is an art and it is an important branding tool in 2018. Craft your own compelling story to keep your audience engaged. Slowly but surely it will help your company to build a credible relationship with customers.

You need a story that motivates and inspires people, and makes them believe that you are a part of them. Make people think that you and they are interconnected to achieve something bigger. Utilize this opportunity to share the vision of your brand. 

Every story needs a hero. Create a persona that is larger than life, someone people can relate to.

Here are the tips to craft a captivating company story:

  • Briefly explain the inspiration behind your brand 
  • Tell the people why they need your product or service
  • Highlight your success stories of how your company has helped others 

How to tell your company story? 

You need a well-coordinated and interactive pattern to tell your company story. From logo design to writing style and every supporting design element, you have to make sure that everything is interlinked. 

Utilize a coordinated approach to tell your company story while keeping these things in your mind: 

  • Don’t overhype your company story, make it realistic and inspirational
  • Avoid unnecessary comparisons with your competitors
  • Your story must give positive vibes and inspire people to take action  

Why does your company exist?  

Making money is a prime objective of any business, but you need a strong brand impression followed by a reputation to keep.  You need a clever, forward-thinking and tactical approach to position your business. Be clear and concise in your explanation ‘what your brand represents’. 

Feedback and insight from your potential audience will give you a much-needed reality check. To explain the idea behind your company existence, address these things: 

  • Elaborate what purposes or objectives your company serves
  • Resonate your branding with your vision and mission statement 
  • Position your brand as a helping tool for people to fulfill their dreams
  • Sell ideas, not products

What companies do you compete with?

What makes you different from your competitors? Who are you up against? This will help your brand to stand out against your competitors. The way you position your brand has huge significance, as it will dictate your brand identity and communication. As other companies are also offering the same product and services, your job is to establish a unique identity to win over the customers. Remember your uniqueness and creativity is the key to getting noticed, so be different and unusual with your approach.   There is always space for authentic and original ideas, and it is up to you how you exploit this space. 

Here is the action plan to position your brand against your competitors:

  • Comprehensively analyse your competitors to figure out their weakness   
  • Create a unique background for your company 
  • Don’t compete, establish a unique identity that set you apart from your competitors

What is your brand voice? 

Brand voice is the powerful and consistent expression of a brand. Brand voice requires the effective use of words to engage and motivate the audience. It defines the personality and soul of your brand.  

When it comes to brand identity, brand voice has an important role to play.  Your brand voice should be comprehensive, informative, interesting and engaging. Be authentic and develop an emotional attachment with your customers. Empty words with monotonous tone have very little appeal.  Communicate through a voice that is consistent and has a mass appeal and represents your brand’s vision in the most effective way.  Your brand-voice should be people-centric one that encourages healthy feedback.

When it comes to brand voice, keep these things in mind:

  • Be bold and expressive 
  • Don’t overemphasize 
  • Avoid anything that is irrelevant
  • Avoid offensive tone 
  • Be loud and clear